Open Insurance: why you should adopt a platform approach

On the wave of change that invested the banking world and brought to Open Banking, the insurance ecosystem is opening up to external ...
Mia-Platform Team July 20 2021

Omnichannel retail: the tools to digitize the customer journey

Among the trends that most characterize the period we are experiencing, we find that companies put the customers and their needs at t...
Mia-Platform Team June 25 2021

Mia-Platform named a Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner ‘Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies’ Report

Milan, May, 20th - Mia‑Platform is the Italian tech company that launched on the market the first digital platform for the adoption o...

Mia-Platform v7.0: PaaS is here for your Cloud-Native applications

Mia‑Platform v7.0 is out now: Kubernetes made easy for everyone!
Mia-Platform Team February 16 2021

Mia-Platform v6.0 now Generally Available!

Keeping up with our commitment to continuously improve and deliver better software, today we are delighted to announce the release of...
Mia-Platform Team September 16 2020

Digital Integration Hub: a new paradigm for Omnicanality, by Gartner

Today companies are aiming towards Digital Integration Hubs - in other words, digital platforms that act as nodes of concentration an...
Mia-Platform Team January 9 2020

A journey of continuous discovery

Three things pushed us to found Mia-Platform: curiosity for new discovering and learning, ambition for innovation and creation of som...
Mia-Platform Team January 8 2020

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Architettura applicativa: perché deve evolvere con il mercato

La sfida dell’IT è oggi quella di accompagnare l’evoluzione delle esigenze del mercato e dell’impresa attraverso scelte efficaci a li...
Mia-Platform Team 10 novembre 2020

Cinque problemi comuni dei data stream

Oggi riuscire a fornire agli utenti finali servizi digitali davvero utili ed efficienti dipende dalla capacità di raccogliere ed elab...
Mia-Platform Team 25 novembre 2020

Fast Data: realizzare un’architettura a eventi con Mia-Platform

L’abilità di acquisire ed elaborare dati in tempo reale per prendere decisioni efficaci e tempestive costituisce oggi l’elemento diff...
Mia-Platform Team 03 dicembre 2020