Five common data stream problems

Today, supplying end-users with truly useful and efficient digital services depends on the ability to immediately collect and process...
Mia-Platform Team November 30 2020

Legacy Systems Modernization with Mia-Platform

In an Enterprise context, there are “inherited” legacy systems and obsolete solutions from another technological age or resulting fro...
Mia-Platform Team September 23 2020

Mia-Platform v6.0 now Generally Available!

Keeping up with our commitment to continuously improve and deliver better software, today we are delighted to announce the release of...
Mia-Platform Team September 16 2020

Microservice Architecture: advantages for both business and IT

Today, companies need to eliminate the complexity and rigidity of the existing software development architecture, by adopting an arch...

How Microservices facilitate Feature Teams’ work

In this article, we will explore what a feature team is and how microservices can facilitate its work.
Mia-Platform Team June 25 2020

A casa Tua: microservices and Agile at the service of a non-profit project

 In such a delicate moment as the one we are experiencing today, each of us is wondering how to make a contribution. So, many people ...

Kubernetes: why it is so popular and who should use it

In modern corporate IT, where modular and scalable data centers coexist with cloud services to be able to guarantee the required perf...

How big should a Microservice be?

The use of Microservices in the creation of new applications is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular among development teams...

Five books on microservice architectures you should definitely read

In the last ten years, microservices have been the hottest topic that generated the most attention in the IT industry. What are the r...
Mia-Platform Team April 17 2020

From monolith to microservices: how to evolve your legacy

The digital transformation brings technological, software, and application innovations, which are proving to be extremely beneficial ...
Mia-Platform Team March 13 2020

A journey of continuous discovery

Three things pushed us to found Mia-Platform: curiosity for new discovering and learning, ambition for innovation and creation of som...
Mia-Platform Team January 8 2020

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Continuous delivery: gestire il ciclo di vita del codice con Mia-Platform

Il continuous delivery è una moderna pratica dell’ingegneria del software che consente di rilasciare più velocemente le applicazioni ...
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Cos'è l'architettura a microservizi e perché usarla

Le imprese, oggi, hanno necessità di eliminare la complessità e rigidità dell’architettura di sviluppo software esistente, adottando ...
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