Fast Data

Mia-Platform v7.0: PaaS is here for your Cloud-Native applications

Mia‑Platform v7.0 is out now: Kubernetes made easy for everyone!
Mia-Platform Team February 16 2021

Fast Data: implementing an event-driven architecture with Mia-Platform

Today, the ability to acquire and process data in real-time to make effective and timely decisions is the differentiating element for...
Mia-Platform Team December 9 2020

Five common data stream problems

Today, supplying end-users with truly useful and efficient digital services depends on the ability to immediately collect and process...
Mia-Platform Team November 30 2020

Mia-Platform v6.0 now Generally Available!

Keeping up with our commitment to continuously improve and deliver better software, today we are delighted to announce the release of...
Mia-Platform Team September 16 2020

Single Customer View: what it is and how it works

The Single Customer View is a unique view of all the aggregated data of each customer and merged into a single record. It is becoming...
Mia-Platform Team August 5 2020

Document-oriented and relational database: which one to choose?

In this article we are going to compare from a technical point of view the two most used data management models on the market: the re...
Mia-Platform Team April 29 2020

Fast Data: evolve your users' experience with real-time information

Data is at the heart of business. Without data, it is not possible to be fully aware of what is affecting the company and be able to ...
Mia-Platform Team March 6 2020

A journey of continuous discovery

Three things pushed us to found Mia-Platform: curiosity for new discovering and learning, ambition for innovation and creation of som...
Mia-Platform Team January 8 2020

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GraphQL versus REST API: benefici e limitazioni dei due modelli

Individuare la più adatta comunicazione tra le sorgenti dati e gli applicativi aziendali permette di creare un legame forte, resilien...
Mia Ling 18 dicembre 2020

Sette buone pratiche per scrivere microservizi

Lo stile architetturale a microservizi è sempre più affermato e ogni sviluppatore saprebbe definire un microservizio e i molteplici v...
Mia-Platform Team 21 dicembre 2020

Partecipa a Google Hash Code 2021 insieme ai developer di Mia-Platform

Quest’anno per la prima volta partecipiamo all'Hash Code 2021, la sfida proposta da Google ispirata ai problemi reali che gli ingegne...
Mia-Platform Team 18 gennaio 2021