Mia-Platform v7.0: PaaS is here for your Cloud-Native applications

Mia‑Platform v7.0 is out now: Kubernetes made easy for everyone!
Mia-Platform Team February 16 2021

API Platform: the importance of adopting a custom solution

Today, APIs are the fundamental components of every software product. APIs are the key elements to maintain application stability and...
Mia-Platform Team January 19 2021

Understanding the benefits and limitations of GraphQL versus REST API

Having the right connector running between your data sources and business applications can create a strong, resilient and extensible ...
Mia Ling December 16 2020

Legacy Systems Modernization with Mia-Platform

In an Enterprise context, there are “inherited” legacy systems and obsolete solutions from another technological age or resulting fro...
Mia-Platform Team September 23 2020

Mia-Platform v6.0 now Generally Available!

Keeping up with our commitment to continuously improve and deliver better software, today we are delighted to announce the release of...
Mia-Platform Team September 16 2020

API Security: best practices to protect your digital channels

We are living in the API economy. Today, application programming interfaces are no longer a mere technical tool for software integrat...
Mia-Platform Team July 13 2020

API Management: what cannot be missed in a modern platform

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are now the core of software engineering as means to efficiently connect services and appli...

API Economy: using APIs to open new sales channels

API Economy is taking off globally: banks, retail, utilities, transportation, and even public administrations develop their offer of ...
Mia-Platform Team April 24 2020

A journey of continuous discovery

Three things pushed us to found Mia-Platform: curiosity for new discovering and learning, ambition for innovation and creation of som...
Mia-Platform Team January 8 2020

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DevOps, DataOps, GitOps, NoOps… facciamo chiarezza!

Fondandosi su metodologie quali Agile e Lean, indirizzate a rompere la rigidità dei modelli di sviluppo software classici, primo fra ...
Mia-Platform Team 12 febbraio 2020

Fast Data: evolvere l’UX con informazioni in tempo reale

I dati sono il cuore del business. Senza dati, non è possibile avere la piena consapevolezza dei fenomeni che interessano l’azienda e...
Mia-Platform Team 06 marzo 2020

Lavorare da remoto: la guida definitiva

Stiamo vivendo un momento storico delicato, in cui tante aziende hanno dovuto riorganizzarsi e tante persone si sono ritrovate a lavo...
Mia-Platform Team 05 marzo 2020