Mia-Platform Team

micro-lc: the new open-source project for micro frontend orchestration

We are happy to announce the release of micro-lc, the new micro frontend orchestrator developed by Mia‑Platform.
Mia-Platform Team September 9 2021

Enterprise Digital Platform: the governance model from the open source

Microservices are the fundamental elements of the companies’ digital transformation and the engine of continuous and exponential grow...
Mia-Platform Team July 28 2021

API as a Product: why APIs are at the heart of digital business

Today, APIs are the driving force of digital business, capable of generating considerable revenues continually. For this reason the t...
Mia-Platform Team July 21 2021

Open Insurance: why you should adopt a platform approach

On the wave of change that invested the banking world and brought to Open Banking, the insurance ecosystem is opening up to external ...
Mia-Platform Team July 20 2021

Omnichannel retail: the tools to digitize the customer journey

Among the trends that most characterize the period we are experiencing, we find that companies put the customers and their needs at t...
Mia-Platform Team June 25 2021

Empower your feature teams with developer portals - Watch the video!

According to the best DevOps deployment practices, responsibility should be moved from central architectural teams to each feature de...
Mia-Platform Team June 24 2021

Microservices: the architectural style for modern applications

A particularly established trend to develop new applications is the use of microservices thanks to their flexibility and versatility....
Mia-Platform Team June 17 2021

Integration systems: why the ESB is an outdated approach

For many years, enterprise service bus (ESB) has represented the choice - among integration systems - to allow business applications ...

CloudNative Community: how to manage costs in the Kubernetes ecosystem

Diego Braga, Cloud Native Solution Architect at Kiratech, interviewed Giulio Roggero, CTO & Founder of Mia-Platform.

Kubernetes fundamentals: how it works and what benefits it offers

The need to release applications quickly, securely, and automatically finds a powerful ally in an orchestrator. Kubernetes, the open-...

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Per affrontare il tema della Cloud Business Transformation e comprenderne la portata centrale e strategica, occorre partire da alcuni...
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Unconference: cos’è e come svolgerla da remoto

L’unconference è un evento non convenzionale basato sull’Open Space Technology. Si tratta di una conferenza molto diversa da ciò cui ...
Mia-Platform Team 12 maggio 2020

API Management: cosa non può mancare in una piattaforma moderna

L'API Management è un aspetto immancabile di un'azienda di successo. Le Application Programming Interface (API) sono infatti oggi cen...
Mia-Platform Team 20 maggio 2020