Mia-Platform Team

M2M authentication and authorization with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

In this article we will talk about how to manage machine to machine (M2M) authentication through the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol...

Goal 130 people: an ambitious hiring plan for 2021

A fast-growing company should take many aspects into account in order to maintain a solid balance. Growing up means adding complexity...
Mia-Platform Team April 27 2021

Google Hash Code 2021: what it means to organize a virtual Hub

This year we participated in the Hash Code 2021 for the first time. We took this opportunity to organize various activities, both int...
Mia-Platform Team March 31 2021

Kubernetes architectural styles: 5 ways to develop software

Developers, who approach the world of microservices and Kubernetes, typically inquire: is it better to separate microservices by laye...
Mia-Platform Team March 15 2021

Mia-Platform v7.0: PaaS is here for your Cloud-Native applications

Mia‑Platform v7.0 is out now: Kubernetes made easy for everyone!
Mia-Platform Team February 16 2021

Flow Manager: the saga orchestrator of Mia-Platform

One of the reasons that could inhibit the adoption of the Saga Pattern approach - about which you can learn more in this article - is...
Mia-Platform Team February 3 2021

Saga Pattern: how to manage distributed transactions with microservices

In the context of microservices, one of the problems that we often encounter is the need to guarantee data consistency, updated in pa...
Mia-Platform Team January 29 2021

API Platform: the importance of adopting a customizable solution

Today, APIs are the fundamental components of every software product. APIs are the key elements to maintain application stability and...
Mia-Platform Team January 19 2021

Join us in the Google Hash Code 2021 and code with our top developers

This year for the first time, we will participate in the Hash Code 2021, the challenge proposed by Google and inspired by real proble...
Mia-Platform Team January 18 2021

Fast Data: implementing an event-driven architecture with Mia-Platform

Today, the ability to acquire and process data in real-time to make effective and timely decisions is the differentiating element for...
Mia-Platform Team December 9 2020

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Un viaggio di scoperta continua

Tre cose ci hanno spinto a fondare Mia-Platform: la curiosità di esplorare e imparare sempre cose nuove, l’ambizione di innovare e cr...
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Principi e pratiche di Continuous Delivery

Ogni sviluppatore ha provato, almeno una volta nella vita, quella sensazione di tensione che accompagna il Delivery Day. Conoscendo l...
Mia-Platform Team 09 gennaio 2020

Digital Integration Hub: Gartner propone un paradigma per l’Omnicanalità

Per comprendere perché oggi le aziende stiano orientandosi verso la creazione di Digital Integration Hub, ossia piattaforme digitali ...
Mia-Platform Team 09 gennaio 2020