API Platform: the importance of adopting a custom solution

Mia-Platform Team January 19 2021

Today, APIs are the fundamental components of every software product. APIs are the key elements to maintain application stability and operation.  

Since they act as connectors among services, with the high volume of connections and new functionalities to develop, API management complexity increases. 

With correct governance, you can build an API ecosystem that has the potential to become the engine of a deep digital transformation and open new business opportunities. Otherwise, you might risk ending up with a fragmented and inhomogeneous collection of functionalities and with big security threats.

For this reason, now more than ever, it is fundamental to have clear and simplified governance of the entire life-cycle of your APIs: development, distribution, access control, monitoring, scalability, and dismissal. 

“Effective API programs lay the foundations for digital transformation by enabling organizations to build a platform and develop an ecosystem.” Gartner,  Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management (2019).

How would you manage your API ecosystem? The solution is to rely on an API Platform that ensures good governance and visibility over the API life-cycle. 


The Market offer

There are different solutions on the market to control this kind of complexity, although they solely offer basic and simple tools to manage documentation, safety, and API compatibility. 
This is not enough: solutions like these, despite they can efficiently satisfy imminent business needs, are not able to evolve and update over time to keep up with arisen needs. 

This is what is missing: the possibility to integrate the solution into the company structure, customizing it to your own needs and transforming it into a real strategic asset that can evolve over time. So, you would miss the opportunity to create your own API Platform

On the contrary, an API Platform that is tailored to the specific needs of your company, allows you to:

  • improve the internal management of the API ecosystem and the development teams;
  • implement API security practices;
  • create an offer of products and services open to new business partnerships;
  • upgrade customer experience.


API Platform: the possible solutions 

An alternative might be implementing your own API Platform internally

This solution tends to be too expensive and ineffective, as it implies long times for the design and development of the solution, and huge complexity that can hardly be managed internally. Also, once implemented, the API Platform might lead to high maintenance costs, together with difficulties to manage maintenance and updating operations autonomously.

A third path, maybe more advantageous: buying a ready-to-use solution that is at the same time adaptable and customizable easily and fast, according to the evolution of specific business needs.


Mia-Platform approach

At Mia-Platform we prefer the third approach: we have developed an out-of-the-box solution that can be customized and rapidly integrated into the company structure

Our API Platform solution has some essential functionalities that can be combined and personalized according to your needs to obtain visibility and governance over the APIs status, use, and traffic. And at the same time, it can control and automate the integration with internal and external touchpoints, and define the guidelines to standardize the teamwork development. 

In this way, you will be able to build your API Platform, consisting of:

  • a Console for visibility of all projects from a single point and simplified management of the API development cycle from start to finish; 
  • a marketplace of ready-to-use but customizable microservices based on specific business needs; 
  • Fast Data components, which allow you to create an event-based architecture to manage data flows and create Single Customer Views available 24/7 for all channels - both internal and external;
  • an application infrastructure based on Kubernetes, to avoid the risk of lock-in with a specific technology vendor and release the potential for innovation in development teams.



An API platform solution is essential to develop and correctly manage an API ecosystem at an enterprise level. Build your own API Platform and widen your offer of digital products and services with Mia-Platform.


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