A journey of continuous discovery

Mia-Platform Team January 8 2020

Three things pushed us to found Mia-Platform: curiosity for new discovering and learning, ambition for innovation and creation of something never seen before, and desire to contribute concretely and actively to the community.

Curiosity, ambition, and desire are also the motivations that inspired us to open this blog: it wants to be a place to share what we learn every day in our work, to freely discuss and raise the common bar of our knowledge and our innovation capacity.

The blog will be a place to talk about technologies, methods, and processes that help - or stop - our effort to create value every day for us and others.

It will be dedicated to people “like us”: developers, software engineers, creatives, marketers, business people, DevOps, and geeks that all share the same appetite and passion for innovation.

We will address themes that are the core of our work: microservices development, API as a Product, Fast Data streams, serverless, cloud, IoT and so much more, with particular attention to the rapid evolution of technology and how it affects business.

Furthermore, we will discuss about Agile, DevOps, Scrum, and Extreme Programming: we will confront on processes, methods, frameworks, and especially the culture that can help us communicate, collaborate and better create value for our business.

In the end, we will pay a special attention to our users, taking inspiration from real stories and solid business cases to better understand how to successfully face the current and continuous emerging challenges of the Omnichannel landscape.

We promise to share with you the best experiences of our work: a journey of continuous discovery that we face every day and - we guarantee - is nothing less than amazing.


We hope you stick around!

Enjoy your reading,


The Mia-Platform Team


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